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Gravity Falls: BillDip~ Close to You
    It was a peaceful morning in Gravity Falls, the summer breeze blowing through the trees, the birds singing their loving morning tune, weather that was not too hot or too cold; it was just perfect. Now how would the Mystery Shack be so peaceful on a day like this? Well heres your answer, both Wendy and Soos got a case of the flu and needed to stay home, so Stan thought it would be a great idea to go out for a bit and looking for idea's for the Shack and Mabel wanted to tag along; and through all this Dipper was a sleep and Mabel thought it wouldn't be a good idea to wake up. So with that Dipper awoke to a note on the table
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104 days with a Demon (BillDip)
       “Finally! Our first college summer break Dipper! Isn’t it exciting?! Did you get any project to do for your course yet?!” Mabel squealed excitedly, jumping up and down on her brother’s bunk bed.
        The twins were finally starting out in the same college and were specialising in their own courses. Mabel, of course, was majoring in the arts and was even aiming to get a degree is design and fashion. Dipper was doing well in his science and mathematics courses although he was actually majoring in mythology and world history.
        The students in the college were given a choice to continue the course they were majoring in if they did a project on the subject during the summer. Mabel and Dipper were obviously continuing their majors so doing well for the project was of absolute importance to them.
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Sectumsempra (Part Two) - Draco/Harry Story
Harry Potter leant in closer, so close that Draco could count each of his individual eyelashes behind those god-damn ugly glasses. Holding his breath, Draco could foresee what was coming. He didn't know how he could foresee it, but he just knew what was about to happen. His body could sense it. It was the most painful second of silence he had ever experienced. Part of him wanted to grab hold of Potter and tear him limb from limb, the other part wanted to grab hold of him and pull him in closer, run his pale hands down the other's skinny arms and take in the taste of his lips.
"Draco, I…" Harry didn't get to finish his sentence as Draco had chosen the second option and was now forcibly kissing his lips. Harry's glasses had slipped down his nose with the sudden shock. After a few moments in which Harry lay still in Draco's arms, unsure of what was going on or of what he should do, he attempted to return the kiss, awkwardly. Draco could sense the awkwardness and it spurred him
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Sectumsempra (Part One) - Draco/Harry Story
A blonde haired boy stood in the empty boy's bathroom, shoulders shaking as he bent over one of the dusty, cracked sinks. No-one ever used these bathrooms. Barely any of the students even knew they existed. Hidden away down one of the many unused corridors of Hogwarts. The perfect place to go to if you wanted to be alone, and Draco Malfoy wanted to be alone. The tears streaming down his pale and mouse-like face added to the soft splashing sound of a tap which dripped a few sinks along. Wiping them away aggressively he briefly looked up at himself in the scratched mirror above the sink. He looked a wreck. His fringe, slightly damp from where he had wiped his tears, stuck out at the edges. His usually perfectly gelled-back hair was beginning to loosen itself too. He run both hands violently through it, forcing the hair to all stick out in all directions, making him vaguely resemble a blonde version of Potter. A tear managed to force itself once more in the corner of his eye, and it fell
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Drarry - Draco x Harry -
Harry just got out of class and went to the tower ,his secret place , a tower no one knew about he thought because no one went there , ever . Okay , Dumbledore probably knew , but was the only one.He liked coming here when he wanted to be alone .He looked out of the window , the tower was very high... He started to think about what happened in the last few days. He was feeling strange , but somehow in a good way. He sat on the sofa there , he always wondered who bought it there, but it was not important at the moment, he had other things bothering him.His eyes were looking at the sky thought the window and his mind was far away.He didn't want to admit what the feeling was , he didn't really know why . Was he scared or ashmed ? But what he felt was there and no matter how hard he tried to deny it he could not . He somehow always knew it was here , but kept it closed , he could no more. He had to solve the problem , even if it would hurt it was time he would say it , he would wait one mo
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Harry Potter: Not Without You by Emiko-Sakura Harry Potter: Not Without You :iconemiko-sakura:Emiko-Sakura 204 41 Draco x Harry - Scared, Potter by NanjoKoji Draco x Harry - Scared, Potter :iconnanjokoji:NanjoKoji 4,313 963 Loki by rinnax3 Loki :iconrinnax3:rinnax3 116 19
'Love is in the air' part 4 (billdip)
               "Love is in the air"
   "Well, well, well, well, well, well well, well, well... If it isn't my old pal, Stanford Pines! It's been a long thirty years, Glasses!"
Bill enjoyed the look of confusion that Stanford had on his face. Stanford was looking at a blonde man who he knew was Bill, handcuffed to a young boy he didn't know. It was strange that the demon would take on the form of a human but Stanford found it even stranger that he was with this young lad who looked very similar to him, as a child of course. Dipper, who was staring at the man hadn't even noticed that he didn't have his journal.
"What? Who- who is this?! Hey..."
He pat his vest, searching himself for the book. "My journal!"
    Bill smirked. "Kid, he wrote the journals. He's the author, your Grun-" Stanford shot at Bill the moment he was sure of who he
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'Love is in the air' part two (billdip)
           "Love is in the air part 2"
     It was an instant. That's all it took for the two to end up in the attic of the mystery shack. Dipper blinked in astonishment. Bill looked around Dipper's room. A bit messy on both Dipper and Mabel's side. He didn't really mind. He was used to debris, chaos, fire and smog. This was just a few misplaced personal items. Dipper  grumbled as he gave the magic yellow cuffs a fruitless tug.
"Hey Bill, how long are these things going to last?"
"Probably only two.....hundred years"
"What?! You mean I'm going to be stuck with you for the rest of my life?!"
Bill laughed at Dipper's reaction. He loved to make people panic. More so, he liked to see Dipper panic. Dipper had such cute and interesting overreactions to things.
"Geez kid, I'm not THAT bad! And I said probably, if I can't get the keys that is..."
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BillDip|Drunken Lullaby
“Just one more, pleaseee~” Dipper moaned at Bill, the brunette having slumped onto the demon’s lap while drunk. Bill looked down at Dipper’s face, which was red as a cherry, with an unimpressed face. He raised a questioning eyebrow at the young adult.
“Pine Tree, even I, a demon, am responsible enough to know that you should not have any more. I suppose you should know better than that as well,” the demon tutted at Dipper, who only grinned foolishly in response and tapped his finger lightly on Bill’s nose.
“Boop,” Dipper giggled like a child when he touched the demon’s nose. Said demon only stared down at the brunette with a serious expression. Bill should’ve known that Dipper was a total light weight. The young adult had just only downed a glass of margarita before beginning to hiccup and giggle at nearly everything, even the faint hoot of the owls outside.
While Bill was regretting his decision in letting the Dipper tr
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'Love is in the air' part 3 (billdip)
         "Love is in the air part 3"
            'Unfinished business'
    Bill had a deep interest with Dipper, not only because he thought the kid was adorable, but because Dipper knew about the many secrets of the mystery shack. He had big plans coming, and while the twins were hoping to find the key to the cuffs, he was hoping to obtain the key that would unlock his master plan. Yes, he wanted to take over the world. Dipper, perhaps at his side. As soon as they got downstairs, Wendy raised an eyebrow at the man handcuffed to her younger friend.
Dipper looked at Wendy, then at Bill, then back to Wendy. He slightly blushed.
"I-it's not what it looks like it''s a long story I mean it's not like I want to be chained to this guy, we're just getting the keys to the cuffs! Totally normal."
Bill felt a pang of something that he hadn't felt in many years. Some kind of mixture between sadness and slight
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Bill X Dipper (Billdip) Love is in the air.
               "Love is in the air"
   Last week, Bill had invited Dipper over to his new place to "hang out" as he said. Dipper had a bad feeling about this, yet he decided to go, considering he was desperate to get some answers from Bill. Bill was getting ready in his new accommodations (an old abandoned house in the woods. Still pretty decent, actually.) and he looked in the mirror, studying his own triangular shape.
"Hm...Maybe a bit more flesh."
He changed into his human form. He didn't do this much around other people, feeling that his Mind-scape form made him look more powerful. But now he wasn't trying to seem more powerful. He was going to have fun with his sweet little Pine Tree. Bill heard a knock at the door and ran to it, slightly adjusting his bowtie. He then flung the door open. Dipper stared at the man in front of him that had sparkly golden clothes, flaxen spiky hair, a small black too hat that seemed too big for his he
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